10 Ways to Brand Your Corporate Gifting for High Impact

10 Ways to Brand Your Corporate Gifting for High Impact

Deborah T. Wasylko on Aug 15th 2022

There is a long debate as to whether branded “swag” is a meaningful gift to give to your clients or is it marketing for your company.

As gift experts, we believe that swag is marketing for your company, but coach our clients to include branding on their gift packaging or include high-quality branded items in their gifts if they so desire.

Remember a meaningful gifts is about giving something of “value” to your clients. Something THEY would enjoy, something memorable.

We find the best approach is to provide a meaningful gift, but add subtle branding to the gifts you give. Call it “subtle branding”. Call it a “hybrid approach” to gifting. Regardless of what you call it we call it SMART! Below are 10 ways to include your branding (personality and identity) into every gift you give.

1. Add branded ribbon to your gifts in your corporate colors

2. Include a hand-written branded card with your gifts.

3. Have branded boxes designed for your marketing and sales efforts. They are more affordable than you think.

4. Brand sustainable cotton bags for your gifts and use the bag as packaging.

5. Etch your logo on wooden boxes that contain wine, craft beers or a charcuterie pairing gift.

6. Add branded belly bands around your gift boxes

7. Included branded etched glasses or charcuterie boards in your gifts.

8. Add paper tape to your shipping boxes.

9. Design your gifts using your corporate colors.

10. Add swag to any gift and add snacks to the gift that complement the swag.

At Baskets Galore we “create good feelings with gifts”. We are available to help you with one of these ideas or all 10 to make your gift-giving meaningful and memorable. To see samples of each of these 10 ideas, call us at 330-220-008 to setup your 30 minute FREE consultation.